As one of the nation’s most highly respected and decorated coaches, Joanne P. McCallie – CoachP – knows what it takes to develop champions. But that’s just part of her story.


CoachP is part of a very select group of coaches with more than 600 career wins, averaging an incredible 24 wins per season while coaching her teams to more than 20 NCAA tournaments. CoachP imparts a winning philosophy that meets challenges head on and helps those she leads reach their full potential.

A Coach & Fighter On and off the court

Secret Warrior

As a trailblazer in every aspect of her career, cancer survivor and the mother of two young adults, CoachP is an experienced and passionate life coach and speaker who helps teams, individuals, and families learn to do more than just cope with adversity. Focusing on her mantra and basis of her first book, “Choice not Chance” CoachP shows us how to change everyday challenges from obstacles into springboards toward the best we all can be. And in her new memoir, Secret Warrior, she’ll break new ground with a vulnerable and candid look at the importance of mental wellness on and off the court.


“In Secret Warrior, CoachP is vulnerable and transparent,” said Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. “She shares personal coaching stories throughout a very successful head coaching career regarding mental wellness, personal growth, team loyalty and thriving with her teams through adversity. Her authenticity shines through in Secret Warrior – a compelling memoir that travels well beyond the court.” 

       – Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Men’s Basketball Coach

Rules for building a fierce competitor

Choice Not Chance

CoachP has followed a simple philosophy: Choice, not chance, determines destiny. Chose to become a champion in life. From her first head coaching position at age 26 to her current role as head coach for the Duke Blue devils, Coach P has enjoyed sharing these principles with her winning teams and communities around the world