Speaking Services

Using the recurring theme of “faith over fear” to reduce the stigma associated with impaired mental health and encourage those suffering from mental health issues to reach out—to coaches, student-athletes, and to all people across the world— Joanne offers real direction, experiences, and personal stories to teach and reassure those adversely affected by the dynamics of the mind and body experience.


Motivational and heartfelt, Coach P drives home the need for more education, stories, action, and an overall change to the narrative about brain health.


Coach P has travelled extensively, providing educational and motivational speeches to corporations, educational institutions, sports programs, and more. Her deep experience recruiting, coaching and mentoring young people from around the world to come together as one cohesive team, along with her unique methodology, make her a highly sought-after motivational expert and inspirational keynote speaker. Through CoachP’s high energy speeches and leadership seminars, she engages, educates and inspires organizations and individuals to achieve peak performance. 

Mental Health & Wellness

Coach P was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at age 30. After learning how to manage her mental health and continue winning as a coach, she decided to become a mental health advocate and speaker, sharing her story to inspire and educate others on how to “win without losing yourself.”


Coach P’s career has revolved around being mentally and physically strong and well. These two components go hand and hand, and when they are not in balance, achievements will be limited. 


Coach P is a huge proponent of the mind/body/performance reliability balance. Through vigorous exercise (tennis, weight training, pilates and more) combined with a belief in acupuncture, chakra realignment, massage therapy and ‘alone’ time, we all seek the unique balance.

Mentoring & Coaching

Coach P provides direct one-on-one consulting with children and athletes. Identifying the person’s “PIP” (personal improvement plan) is the beginning to a young person’s ownership of decisions and choices. Her well-known “Head Coach” love is applied: direct, fair and useful! People young and old receive incredible support, energy, ideas and motivation while directly imparting confidence and performance.

Basketball Consulting

With over 29 years of hands on experience building programs, cultivating teams and crafting winning strategies, including the adjustable “Match-Up” defense, Coach P regularly consults with programs nationwide.


She has become a resident expert in a multiple defensive philosophy that has propelled her teams to 23 NCAA tournaments over 29 years of coaching. Coaching at three different division I schools (Maine, Michigan State, Duke) has provided the opportunity to work with every type of student athlete.

With over 600 Division I wins, Coach P can speak to any level of coach or player with a vast resume of experience and knowledge.