Choice Not Chance

At age 26, Joanne P. McCallie began her career at Maine, where in the span of eight years, she elevated the women’s basketball program to a very competitive team that outdrew the men’s crowds, a rarity in college sports. Over her tenure, she created the Choice Not Chance (CNC) philosophy, training kids how to think and focus on making the correct choices in life. She imparted her passionate philosophy to all of her players and now brings it to her efforts as head coach at Duke. Choice Not Chancehighlights McCallie’s lessons for building a fierce competitor, such as “Going against the grain,” “Never become satisfied,” and “Enjoy the prospect of getting better daily.”

Rules for building a fierce competitor

Choice Not Chance

CoachP has followed a simple philosophy: Choice, not chance, determines destiny. Chose to become a champion in life. From her first head coaching position at age 26 to her current role as head coach for the Duke Blue devils, CoachP has enjoyed sharing these principles with her winning teams and communities around the world.

“We all deal with the everyday stresses of meeting deadlines and then shifting gears when we get home to spend time with the family. Coach P has found ways to find the balance that is needed to be healthy in body, mind and spirit and I strongly encourage to pick up this book, it opened my eyes in knowing that I’m not the only one trying to work things out!”

    – Richard Cotter