Joanne P. McCallie

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Mental Health Leader.

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Joanne P. McCallie is an Author, Speaker, Mental Health Advocate and Hall of Fame DI basketball coach. With over 600 wins, she has coached at Maine, Michigan State, and Duke, earning National Coach of the Year in 2005.


CoachP was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at age 30. After learning how to manage her mental health and continue winning as a coach, she decided to become a mental health advocate and speaker, sharing her story to inspire others to celebrate and support their brain health. 


Wins As A Head Coach


Years As A Coach (1988 - 2020)


AP Coach of the Year


USA Basketball Gold Medalist

Sports & Mental Health Speaking

Through CoachP’s high energy speeches and leadership seminars, she engages, educates and inspires organizations with discussions on mental health, coaching, sports, faith, and leadership.


Mental Health Advocacy

Real direction, experiences, and personal stories to teach and reassure those adversely affected by impaired mental health.



Interactive speeches and leadership seminars that engage, educate, and inspire organizations and individuals to achieve peak performance.​


Coaching & Mentorship

Deep experience recruiting, coaching and mentoring young people from around the world to come together as one cohesive team.​

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CoachP provides educational and motivational speeches to corporations, educational institutions, sports programs, and more.


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